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What information should be on an invoice?

First and foremost, the products you are invoicing for should be itemized on the invoice, with a total for all of the products at the end. Make sure you actually name the products as the customer knows them on the invoices, and don't put confusing factory order numbers on by default. It goes without saying that you need to put your company name on the invoice.

As far as your details go, you also need to remember the company address, company number, your telephone number and other relevant contact details. Payment details are very important, and you need to remember to tell your customer if there are any special payment requests, like for example if your Paypal email address is different to your business email address.

As for customer details, you can put as little or as many company details on it as you wish, but for the invoice to be chased down the line you need to ensure you ate least have the companies registered company name on it. The company number also helps if you have it.

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