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Alternative Invoicing

Nowadays, invoices don't just need to just come in physical form, there are also paperless options. Going paperless can actually simplify the process by making invoices automated, while another benefit is that it can reduce the carbon footprint of a business. Processing an electronic invoice can save a business money as there isn't any need to create or physically get an paper invoice to a customer, although it's always worth creating a physical copy for your business records.

Things to Consider

Whether you're a small business or large, invoices are an essential part to ensure a business runs smoothly. Reference numbers are important on invoices, but even if a business is just starting out, you should never start a reference from the number one. This just shows customers that this business is new and potentially an amateur operation.

Always ensure that you set up a schedule for invoices to be issued. An example could be issuing an invoice once a service or project has been completed, or even set up a specific day to issue any outstanding invoices to customers. Without maintaining a strict invoicing policy, it may take longer than expected for customers to make payments, and your business can't afford to take that sort of risk. Invoices are a great way to add a touch of professionalism to a business, take advantage of this powerful documentation.

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