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Items to Include on an Invoice

First, it is necessary to include any goods or services which were supplied to the client. Each should be itemised. In other words, every type of discrete service should be listed separately. For example, on type of bill could be seen as the amount of hours that were allocated to a certain task (such as a computer repair) and the price per hour. The total will be listed in the right-hand column. Another instance could be the flat price of a product (a hard drive could be an example here). Once again, this will be tallied in the right-hand column. It is therefore not uncommon for an invoice to have numerous itemised payments. The totals of each will then be summarised at the bottom. This is the amount that the customer is obliged to pay.

Constructing an Invoice

While it is critical that the costs of all goods and services are listed, there are some other features that also must be taken into account. First, the document should display the word "INVOICE" somewhere where it can be easily seen. This will minimise the chances that that a client misunderstands the purpose of the document. Also, the company logo needs to be clearly printed. This branding will usually be placed at the top and left of the document.

Critically, it is required that all contact information (and the logo) of the company in question be present. This can include telephone numbers, physical addresses and emails. Such details are important should the customer need to speak with a representative for any reason. Also, this is an excellent way to receive callbacks for further business.

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